true love

when two people grow up together from the time they are about seven. these people spend every waking minute of their lives together. they never want to leave each others side. they grow up and get married. they move out to the middle of the country so they they will be left alne and can just focus on each other. shortly after they have a couple of children and even adopt a child. their living exactly how they always wanted. al their children grow upget married and move out. they still live in that little house on the country side in Tennessee. they can finaaly focus on one another again. when suddenly, the wife starts having heartattacks left and right. their lives are going down hill and fast. she is in and out of the hospital for about three months. they think that shes starting to get better. she goes home and spends as much time with her husband as possible. shortly after,she is once again put in the hospital….but this time she doesnt come home with him. she dies and goes to live with her heavenly father. the man is going through a deep depression but their children help him through it. he never finds another love and still lives in that little country house alone. this is sad story..but think about if this situation happened in your family. because is the situation that happened in mine. losing someone your close to is hard..but you usually dont sit back and think about how hard it probably is for someone else.